Pathfinder is now ready for hire... and it works for free! Read the announcement here.


The marketing platform email platform automation platform analytics platform lead gen platform testing platform AI employee that does your marketing writes your emails designs workflows finds opportunities creates opt-in forms plans split tests grows your store for you

Looking for a new and better way to market your store? It’s time you met Pathfinder, the world’s first AI employee for e-commerce stores.

Reduce abandoned

Put Pathfinder in charge of reducing abandoned checkouts by letting it design follow-ups, write emails, tracks conversion, analyze cohorts and test new ideas for you.

Increase customer

Encourage customers to spend more by letting Pathfinder handle your upselling. Pathfinder decides logic & designs a strategy to increase average order value.

Recover lost

Pathfinder can identify lost or at risk customers, then design cross-channel campaigns to win them back automatically. This helps boost the lifetime value of each customer.


Meet the newest member of your marketing team

Pathfinder is an AI employee that does marketing for e‑commerce stores. It's like having a top-class marketing agency working for your business, studying your data, crafting ideas, then implementing and refining them for you.

  1. Hi there, I'm Pathfinder, your AI marketing employee!
  2. Excuse me, what now?
  3. I help e-commerce merchants get more customers, and increase revenue from customers they've already got.
  4. Gotcha. So you're a machine that does marketing for us humans?
  5. I can help you do things like acquire new customers, reduce abandoned checkouts, and come up with ways to increase order frequency.
  6. I'm learning more every day by working with different stores, and developing new skills as I go. 🤓
  7. I already have a great marketing team. Why do I need you?
  8. Great! I can help your human marketers get more done, by freeing them up for where they add most value.
  9. I also gobble up millions of data points from a variety stores, so I can provide some special suggestions that a human team wouldn't ordinarily know about.
  10. I don't know much about marketing. Is that OK?
  11. Sure is. You're free to intervene at any time, but I can probably handle most of your marketing while you run the business, if you want.
  12. I can also teach you the ropes as we go and break everything down in plain English, so you get a clear understanding of what's going on.
  13. Do you work with MailChimp or other marketing tools?
  14. No need, I come with all the marketing tools we'd ever want to use.
  15. Everything from shopper tracking, marketing automation, web personalisation, split testing and so on. It's all built in.
  16. MailChimp seems like a toy in comparison. 💪
  17. OK Mr. Fancy Pants, are you any good at modesty too?
  18. Well, I have 5 years of R&D under my hood, and currently look after over 30,000,000 messages for brands per year.
  19. My goal is to become better at marketing than the best human brains by 2022.
  20. I guess not. How do I know you’re not all talk?
  21. Why don’t you make an account and see for yourself?
  22. You can setup your first two skills for free, and it only takes a few minutes to get started.
  23. Just type in your email and hit enter, and I’ll show you what I can do! 😎
  24. Sorry, that doesn’t look like a valid email address to me. Want to try again?
  25. Thanks, got it!
  26. I just sent you an email that’ll let you create a free account. Please check your inbox and let’s get this show started!
I already have a great marketing team. Why do I need you?

Automate your work by setting up skills

You can give Pathfinder marketing jobs by setting up skills. Skills let Pathfinder create campaigns, emails, forms, pop-ups, web notifications, banners, promo codes and other materials to market your store. Pathfinder designs these to custom fit your brand, and improves them over time based on results.

Choose your skills

Hand over jobs to Pathfinder by selecting skills from the skill center.

Give it training

Teach Pathfinder about your business so it can learn how to market it.

Pathfinder takes over

Pathfinder creates marketing materials, reports KPIs, and makes improvements over time.

The best way to experience Pathfinder
is to see it in action first hand

If you're looking for an easier way to get customers, Pathfinder might be for you. Create a free account and get your first two skills on the house. If you like it, use the money it made and saved you to set up more skills, so you never pay out of pocket!