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Tips & Tricks

Five newsletter strategies to excite your Shopify audience

The secret to using email marketing to supercharge your relationship with customers.

Tips and tricks

E-commerce stores: Here’s how to get through this recession 💪

Most e-commerce stores utilize a relatively simple and predictable customer journey to generate revenue. This customer journey has served hundreds of thousands of e-commerce stores very faithfully over the last decade or so. But it is also woefully inefficient, and, amidst a global recession, merchants need to be smarter.

E-Commerce Emergency Guide

It is a nerve-wracking time for small businesses. We want you to know: We are here to help. There are several things you can do to optimize your business even with minimum resources...

The 3 building blocks of a world-class promotion

Promotions can lift up your sales but also destroy your profit margins. Make sure to get it right by implementing 3 simple things.

ROI Blueprint - Your formula to 491% ROI

The average Pathfinder customer makes 491% ROI after just one month. Here's your formula that "reverse engineers" how they do it.

Your customers aren’t one-size-fits-all so your marketing shouldn’t be either

Amazon has changed the game in e-commerce marketing. It’s time for small stores to catch up with the times.

Pull these 3 “growth levers” to increase e-commerce revenue by 73%!

There are only three ways to grow an e-commerce store. We call them “growth levers” and this guide gives you three easy hacks to pull each one…

How to build a campaign structure that turbo-charges your results

It’s key when creating a campaign is to ensure consistency from the beginning. So before you send out your first email introducing your offer, you should already be thinking about what other emails will follow and when. Learn what to look out for.

Pathfinder 101

Pathfinder 101 - What does Pathfinder do, exactly?

Pathfinder is like adding an extra employee to the team. Read on to get to know its skill set and what exactly it can do for your store to grow.


Pathfinder vs. Klaviyo — Which one is right for you?

How Pathfinder is dramatically different from Klaviyo and why it matters in an ever-evolving environment like eCommerce.

Case Studies

How a candy brand grew its revenue by 40% in just 3 months

Find out how one of our Shopify merchants was able to increase their revenue by 40% thanks to Pathfinder's marketing help. The founder shares what she likes most about it and what her advice is to people thinking about getting software-based marketing help.