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4 tips for converting Shopify traffic into new customers

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So you’ve got your Shopify account set up perfectly and you’re even starting to see some traffic roll in. Go you!

The only problem is that those new visitors aren’t turning into new customers just yet. Don’t sweat it— we’re here to show you some simple ecommerce hacks for acquiring new customers and upping conversion rate. Think of them as baby steps that can make a big impact.

Entice for their email

Just like in a real life retail situation, a first-time visitor to your Shopify store might just be browsing. Thanks to email marketing, seeing a potential customer leave without making a sale doesn’t mean losing touch with them forever. When it comes to return on investment for your eCommerce marketing budget, email is by far the most effective method.

Source: Lyfe Marketing

But here’s a little secret: to get a new customer via email, they have to give you their email address. If you want them to give it up, you’ve got to offer something meaningful in return.

That could be the chance to learn more about who you are and what you sell, or even exclusive deals that can nudge them to buy.

Luckily, a regular email newsletter covers both of those bases. Use your newsletter to offer first looks at new products, special deals, or just communicate more about you, your business, and its values. 

Know— and segment— thy audience

So you’ve got some email addresses, and your newsletter is ready to roll. Great! As you’ll quickly learn, though, there’s no such thing as a cookie-cutter customer. Now’s the time to delve into data points like email open rate and clickthrough rate so you can figure out what resonates and what doesn’t with certain subscribers. That lets you do a little something called segmenting your audience, which is a fancy way of saying “send different emails to different types of customers”. 

Say your Shopify store sells clothing. If a customer clicks through to your site from an email about women’s clothes— but they won’t even open an email about your men’s offerings— you might want to think about strictly sending them your emails about women’s clothing. Sounds easy, right? 

Creating these segmented lists doesn’t guarantee a prospective customer will buy something every time you send an email, but the effort adds up: segmented campaigns can lead to an astounding 760% percent increase in revenue over a one-size-fits-all email campaign. 

Get reviews for social proof

Humans are social creatures. When we’re in an unfamiliar situation, we model our behavior on the actions and opinions of others who seem like they know what they’re doing. 

When it comes to e-commerce, reviews provide that “social proof” we need to buy with confidence. The data bears it out: Northwestern University’s Spiegel Research Center found that the simple act of displaying reviews online can increase conversion by as much as 270 percent. The study also concluded that even getting just five reviews for a product can quadruple the likelihood of a purchase.

To start amassing those reviews, reach back out to past customers via email. Nudge satisfied customers with an offer of a discount or a reward in exchange for their thoughts. Don’t panic if the feedback is less than stellar, either. The same Spiegel study found that even less-than-stellar ratings can establish authenticity (a product with 100 perfect five-star reviews looks a little sketchy, right?). 

Once you’ve gotten feedback from customers in the form of both numerical ratings and typed answers to questions, deploy that social proof by showing ratings on product pages and sharing glowing review excerpts in your marketing emails. That helps people trust what you sell and learn what makes it special.

Picture-Perfect Products 

“A picture is worth a thousand words” is a cliché for a reason: it’s true! There’s no real substitute for seeing a product in person. But with some high-quality photos (with good lighting) that truly showcase your product from every angle, you can bring what you sell to life. The more someone can see what you sell, the more they can see themselves owning it. 

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