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E-commerce stores: Here’s how to get through this recession 💪

Most e-commerce stores utilize a relatively simple and predictable customer journey to generate revenue. But amidst a global recession, merchants need to be smarter.

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ROI Blueprint - Your formula to 491% ROI

The average Pathfinder customer makes 491% ROI after just one month. Here's your formula that "reverse engineers" how they do it.

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Your customers aren’t one-size-fits-all so your marketing shouldn’t be either

Amazon has changed the game in e-commerce marketing. It’s time for small stores to catch up with the times.

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Pull these 3 “growth levers” to increase e-commerce revenue by 73%!

There are only three ways to grow an e-commerce store. We call them “growth levers” and this guide gives you three easy hacks to pull each one…