Case Studies

How Art Your Cat tripled the sales of their print-on-demand Shopify store

Art Your Cat was already getting a good number of sales, but after installing Pathfinder they were able to triple their revenue. Read how they did it and why print-on-demand businesses are a perfect match for email marketing.

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Case Studies

How a beauty brand increased sales by 25%

The results kept getting better and better. This is how a beauty brand leveraged the power of automated email marketing to get their Shopify store off the ground.

Case Studies

How Steel Horse Leather got a 70% sales uplift

The founder of a Brooklyn-based leather bag brand would rather spend more time on the product than spending hours on email marketing. He found a way to do just that while increasing his sales to a whole new level. Read on to learn how...

Case Studies

How a candy brand grew its revenue by 40% in just 3 months

Find out how one of our Shopify merchants was able to increase their revenue by 40% thanks to Pathfinder's marketing help. The founder shares what she likes most about it and what her advice is to people thinking about getting software-based marketing help.