1 December 2020 Case Studies

How Steel Horse Leather got a 70% sales uplift

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Steel Horse Leather is a Brooklyn-based company specializing in handmade leather bags. Driven by their obsessive love for genuine leather they put a lot of effort into sourcing the highest quality materials and spent years perfecting their craft.

It’s an attention to detail that they also like to bring to their customer relationships. Prior to installing Pathfinder from the Shopify app store, they spent entire nights setting up multiple emails and crafting each one from a blank slate. A very time-consuming process, that they’d have rather spent on the product side of things.

When they came across Pathfinder the time spent on marketing emails was reduced significantly. On top of that their customer relationships improved as their contacts now get personalized emails, showing them products based on their interests and behavior.

Let’s take a closer look at a recent campaign of theirs: Black Friday & Cyber Monday.

A campaign that brought in a sales lift of 70% compared to the previous month.

David, founder of Steel Horse Leather remembers that not too long ago, he was setting this up in Mailchimp and it took him an entire night.

Not this year.

Thanks to Pathfinder the entire campaign was set up in about 15 minutes.

“The best thing by far is the ability to create an entire campaign that is pretty much ready to go in just a few clicks.”

The two burning questions you must have now:

  1. Why so many more sales
  2. How on earth in only 15 minutes??

Let us show you 👇

The reason why Pathfinder can build campaigns in record time is that it first gathers all the crucial information it needs from you, conveniently via chat:

In the case of Steel Horse Leather, they went for a whole week of Black Friday, meaning every day their contacts would get a different offer. Something that wouldn’t have occurred to them if Pathfinder didn’t suggest it, nor would they have had the time to set this up without the help of their software-based employee.

But it got even better than that.

As mentioned in the beginning, Pathfinder also writes the emails. Now, you might think of some one-size-fits-all solution here, but it’s way smarter than that.

For Black Friday, Pathfinder asks for example if you prefer a hard or a soft sell. Combined with the store’s data and its brand design, all emails are completely unique for every merchant. And if some tweaks are required or there’s something more to say, editing the emails is incredibly easy.

Example of Pathfinder asking about the tone of voice that should be used in the emails it creates. 

Chatting with Pathfinder about Black Friday only took a few minutes, right after that, Steel Horse Leather got a campaign that was built specifically to serve their unique needs - no cookie-cutter templates, no manual adjustments needed.

That explains the record time. 🚀

Now, let’s take a look at the money side of things. 💰

Steel Horse Leather’s BFCM campaign brought in a sales uplift of 70% compared to the previous month. Overall since installing Pathfinder, the Brooklyn-based business has got more than 10 times ROI.

Why are Pathfinder’s campaigns bringing in such great results? There are 3 main reasons for it:

1. Tested & Proven Methods Thanks to Network Learning

Pathfinder already has over 2,000 merchants in the system and it continuously learns from them. What works and what doesn’t. Which is reflected in the campaign strategy.

In Steel Horse Leather’s Black Friday campaign, for example, Pathfinder suggested including abandoned checkout emails into the campaign. Whenever a customer left a cart, they didn’t get the regular email to remind them of the items left behind, they got an email that combined the reminder with the Black Friday deal - discount code included. 

The holiday sale offers a personal outreach email - only to people who are on the fence about buying.

It’s extras like these that make the campaigns way more powerful than anything pre-built out there.

2. Clever Subject Lines & Clear Copy

One of the most important elements of a successful email campaign is the subject line. If it’s not convincing enough, the contacts won’t even open the email. Pathfinder comes up with subject lines that are proven to work and switches between blind & direct subject lines to cater to different customer segments.

The email copy is written in a way that puts the offer in the front and center. So that even people who only skim the email will know what the deal is. It also always contains a clear call to action, so nobody gets lost on the way.

The product previews spark inspiration, especially since they’re personalized for each and every customer, more about that under point 3.

Example of one of Steel Horse Leather's Black Friday emails - created & written by Pathfinder.

3. Personalized Content

Some people prefer beige over red, some are here for the deals, some for the story behind the shop. People are different and look for different things. The better you can accommodate their needs, the more successful your email campaign will be.

Pathfinder’s emails include smart content, which means it adjusts what products are shown based on customer data. For example, if somebody kept looking at weekenders on the website, that’s what they’ll see in their emails (if they're part of the offer). That’s a level of personalization that boosts the effectiveness of every campaign.

With results like these (we're talking more than 10x ROIand hundreds of hours of marketing work saved, it doesn't come as a surprise that they highly recommend Pathfinder to any other eCommerce business: 

“We would highly recommend using Pathfinder. As a small business, time and money are your greatest strains, using pathfinder allows us to automate most of our email campaigns.”

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Corin Camenisch

Marketing Manager at Pathfinder

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