4 June 2020 Case Studies

How a candy brand grew its revenue by 40% in just 3 months

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Sockerbit is an L.A. based brand that sells Scandinavian candy & home accessories. It is also one of the over 5'000 Shopify merchants that grow their business with the help of Pathfinder. Let's dive into their story:

Things were a bit hazy. Florence, Sockerbits' founder, just had a baby, it was 2 am (another sleepless night), feeling frustrated with the lack of results from an expensive Facebook campaign and, well, quite tired in general, she came across Pathfinder. Since it’s free to try she thought “why not” and installed Pathfinder from the Shopify App Store. The same night and just a few clicks later, their first email campaigns created by their new digital employee went live. 

After the first week, they already made extra revenue in the 4-digit range (without spending a dime on ads). Now, 3 months in, Pathfinder has increased Sockerbit’s revenue by at least 40%

When we asked the founder how they got there she said:

“We’ve been following Pathfinder’s advice on what skill to activate next, and we’ve been seeing great results!”

Nothing better than a proactive employee. 

Just recently they activated Pathfinder’s brand new skill “acquire new customers” and it worked so well that they temporarily had to stop it because they just couldn’t keep up with the orders while working from home.

Sockerbit now relies on Pathfinder every day and is so happy with their new digital teammate that she’d recommend it to other small businesses in a heartbeat:

 “First of all, it works! Plus it’s fast and super easy to set up! And if you ever get stuck, their (100% human) customer service is great and very helpful” 

Results like these are the rule, not the exception:

  • A CBD company embraced Pathfinder as a new teammate in beta stage already, the result: 30% sales increase entirely attributed to Pathfinder
  • An organic food business, family-run by people extremely passionate about their products & sustainability - but without much marketing expertise. They installed Pathfinder, went live within 1 day, and a month later they already got over 100 new orders thanks to Pathfinder’s work
  • A business that sells subscription boxes filled with healthy snacks is a Pathfinder newbie but even just during their trial, they’ve seen their sales almost double

And there are dozens of dozens more from all possible industries:

  • Charging cable brand - $200k turnover - 15% revenue increase
  • Fake eyelashes - $150k turnover - 20% revenue increase
  • Bike gear - $125k turnover - 23% revenue increase
  • Corals for fish tanks - $100k turnover - 30% revenue increase
  • Hunting gear - $100k turnover - 25% revenue increase
  • Lip care - $60k turnover - 20% revenue increase
  • And so on...

You get the idea! The impact Pathfinder has on small businesses is enormous. On average customers can expect a 15-30% sales increase. And all of that in just a few clicks!

That aside, the real benefit is Pathfinder allows merchants to finally go back to do the things they love.

Marketing tasks eat up a lot of time, can be overwhelming, and most small business owners do not enjoy them at all. Hiring Pathfinder means getting more time to build your brand, further develop your products, and do what you’re really passionate about.

Let’s summarize what makes Pathfinder so valuable:

  • You save time - it builds advanced campaigns in just minutes, not months
  • You save money - no expertise is necessary, it’s way cheaper than hiring human experts and it means you can thrive on smaller teams
  • You have less stress - Pathfinder identifies opportunities, sends you weekly reports and optimizes all campaigns for you
  • You have happier customers - It sends the right message to the right people at the right time (no spam!)
  • You make more profit - Stores typically see 15-30% revenue uplift and 92% of Pathfinder customers see positive ROI in just 1 month. If you have a store that’s already bringing in sales, it basically pays for itself.

And lastly, Pathfinder doesn't get sick, works on weekends & never gets embarrassingly drunk at Christmas parties. ;)

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Corin Camenisch

Marketing Manager at Pathfinder

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