2 October 2019 Tips & Tricks

Your customers aren’t one-size-fits-all so your marketing shouldn’t be either

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Amazon has changed the game in e-commerce marketing. It’s time for small stores to catch up with the times.

The rules have changed, and the days of having one marketing message that you desperately try to make everyone respond to are quickly coming to an end.

This is the old way of doing marketing. Amazon has changed the game completely, and hyper-personalized shopping experiences are becoming the norm. As a small business, you may not have the resources to personalise on the same scale as Amazon (and to be honest, you probably don’t need to, either).

But what you can and should be doing at the very least is using “dynamic messaging” campaigns, rather than old school “batch and blast”.

Batch and blast Dynamic messaging
Messages are indentical to every shopper Each shopper gets personalized messages
Every shopper gets every message Different messages sent to different shoppers, depending on how they behave
Messages sent out all together, on whims of the business Messages are timed perfectly for each shopper
Generic, "one size fits all" messaging strategy Personal, relevant messaging strategy
Low engagement and ROI High engagement and ROI


The idea behind dynamic messaging is simple:

Instead of sending everybody the same series of messages, dynamic messaging campaigns track what each person is doing and respond to their actions accordingly.

Whereas a “batch and blast” strategy is like a steamroller, continuing on the same course no matter what, a dynamic messaging strategy is more of a chameleon. These campaigns actually adapt to each person based on how they are reacting to the campaign, rather than treat everyone the same way. All in all, dynamic messaging is a cooler, more personal way of getting your message across.

Batch and blast is the marketing equivalent of talking at your shoppers. Dynamic messaging campaigns are more like a two-way conversation, where your marketing listens and responds and adapts.

Time for an example, and we’ll start with email. Here’s a dynamic messaging campaign designed by Pathfinder. Notice how the core campaign path in blue is supplemented by triggered emails in red that react to how the prospect has responded to the campaign.

Additionally, the copy and contents of each email in that campaign will be personalized depending on each shopper’s interest levels, trigger points, and previous buying history to create more relevant and personal messaging:

Pathfinder can design dynamic messaging campaigns like this, bespoke for your store, and write all of the emails and messages in under a minute.

Of course, we can take this strategy much further. This is not just about email – the apotheosis is to put every individual shopper in their own unique “marketing world”, a world where every experience and communication they have with your brand is built around them.

That’s the strategy Amazon and others have built their businesses around. It’s also one of the factors contributing towards the slow death of the high street, which effectively provides “one size fits all” shopping experiences to consumers. 

But you’re not Amazon. You’re a small business selling goods online. And so all this talk of dynamic messaging and unique marketing worlds can sound quite overwhelming.

The good news is you don’t need to go crazy to start using dynamic messaging, and you certainly don’t need to stick with “batch and blast”.

Stay tuned for my next post, where I’ll share few easy-to-implement (and mostly free) ideas you can use to spice up your marketing with dynamic messaging.

In summary…

Dynamic messaging campaigns have been the secret weapon of big e-commerce businesses for years. But while this type of marketing used to be complicated and expensive to set up, it’s now becoming easier than ever, particularly if you use tools like Pathfinder to do the work for you.

If you’re still using “batch and blast” marketing, switching to a dynamic messaging strategy is low hanging fruit waiting to be picked. Give it a try and you should see an easy boost in your results.


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