13 May 2020 Pathfinder 101

Pathfinder 101 - What does Pathfinder do, exactly?

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We like to say “Pathfinder is like adding an extra employee to the team” because it sums it up perfectly. Not only does it take on marketing jobs from start to finish, but it also comes to you proactively with suggestions if it spots something that could be improved. 

And just like a real employee, the longer you work with Pathfinder, the better it understands your business. It learns about your store, your audience, and your personal marketing preferences. On top of that it also happily works through weekends and is never late for meetings.

Pathfinder’s methods are tested & proven, nothing is chosen randomly. The subject lines it writes for you are the ones that have shown the best opening rates, the sequence timing is optimized to generate most sales, the email structure is proven to get the most clicks.

Let’s take a look at all the marketing jobs that Pathfinder can take on for you:

Acquire new customers

“Enough with the new customers now” - said no one ever. Pathfinder identifies the contacts who haven’t made a purchase yet and converts them into paying customers. 

This skill is all about getting them over the edge because if they buy once they are very likely to come back for more and more. Pathfinder knows how to convince them, it gives them an offer that’s hard to deny, adds urgency, and follows up. As soon as they make a purchase they are being removed from the campaign - no unnecessary emails ever.

🚀 Grows your customer base
💥 Boosts your conversion rate
💬 Starts a conversation while they still remember your store

Convert window shoppers

Checking your website analytics and seeing that people look at your products, (several times even!), and still don’t buy anything can drive you crazy…

But don’t despair! 

We call those people “window shoppers” and Pathfinder knows how to convert them.

It uses customer data to create messages that are personalized for each individual, reminding them of the product(s) they looked at and (if you like) gives them a deal to turn them into customers.

This skill ignores people who are already customers of yours, as you don’t want to give out discounts to people that are willing to buy at full price. But these “window shoppers” need an extra push. And it’s worth it, once they are customers, they are much more likely to come back and buy from you again. 

💥 Boosts your conversion rate
👀 Uses user data for highly personalized messages
🚀 Grows your customer base

Reduce abandoned checkouts

3 in 4 carts get left behind, not having an abandoned checkout campaign means leaving money on the table - every single day. And even if you’re using Shopify’s built-in solution, you’re likely to still leave some money on the table. 

Pathfinder builds you an abandoned checkout campaign that is smart - which means it sends out emails at the right time, with the right content, to the right people. And if that first chaser didn’t do the trick, it follows up with them, and only then it offers a deal. 

The deal is used to add extra urgency thanks to discount codes that expire after two days for each individual.

💪 Maximizes your profits (not just orders)
💣 Generates daily discount codes to add urgency
⏰ Uses intelligent timing throughout the sequence 

Increase customer happiness & referrals

Happy customers are the foundation of a healthy business. If they are happy they are likely to tell others about you and leave 5-star reviews - but this doesn’t just happen. Unfortunately, most people only leave reviews if something went wrong, happy customers are oftentimes quiet customers.

Pathfinder checks in with people who recently bought from you, if they had a good experience it asks them to leave a review and encourages them to tell their friends about your store too. If something went wrong, Pathfinder sends an apology and at the same time notifies a team member about it in case you want to take further action.

This skill will improve the overall shopping experience as product reviews can convince people who are on the fence to make the purchase. It increases credibility and trust.

⭐ Increases amount of positive product reviews
🔊 Increases personal referrals & word of mouth
👋 Creates an opportunity to better understand your customers

Upsell customers after a purchase

“Do you want fries with that?” - that’s a classic upsell moment. Pathfinder creates these moments for you by reaching out to people who have bought something from your store and are very likely to be interested in other products as well.

The emails include personalized suggestions (you wouldn’t offer fries to somebody who always orders their burger patty in a lettuce bun - but you could ask if they’re interested in a green juice to go with it). Pathfinder uses data to make the best possible upsell suggestions for you.

The best part about this skill is that it stacks with other skills. Whenever they bring in an order, the upsell skill makes sure to increase the value of it even more.

💰 Increases your customer’s order value
🧩 Stacks perfectly with other skills
🍟 Smart suggestions based on customer data

Recover lost customers

Customers come and go. Sometimes they don’t come back because they weren’t happy with their experience, but oftentimes they simply forget about your store.

If customers used to buy from you regularly and then don’t come back for a while it’s important to remind them of your existence and win them back.

Pathfinder creates campaigns to do exactly that. It identifies when somebody in your customer base becomes “lost” and automatically starts the win-back campaign. This is one of the skills that works 24/7 for you in the background.

💰 Increases lifetime value of customers
🧠 Puts your store top of mind again
🔎 Automatically identifies lost customers and starts campaign for them

Create promotions

Promotions are a great way to get a quick sales boost in. Whether they’re tied to a seasonal event (think Black Friday, Back to School, etc.) or internal circumstances (think product launches, clearance sales, etc.) - promotions are a popular tactic to increase sales.

Pathfinder creates all kinds of promotions for you, including clever segmentation. For example, if you launch a new product and want your best customers to get early access - Pathfinder does it for you.

It allows includes the 3 building blocks of a successful promotion:

  • Clear Offer
  • Reason Why
  • Hard Deadline

The best part is, it learns with every promotion it runs and gets smarter and more effective over time.

💸 Generates a quick sales boost
🏃 Uses urgency to close more deals
👑 Includes smart segmentation

Now, in case you’re thinking, “sounds like a lot of emails to my contacts” - keep in mind that, first of all, the skills target different segments, plus they automatically pause other campaigns to prevent a clash of messages. So rest assured, your contacts won’t ever be spammed.

If anything, your contacts will get even more relevant messages the more skills you have activated.

Rather than individual campaigns, think of the skills as responsibilities you are delegating to Pathfinder. By setting up more skills you put Pathfinder in charge of a broader range of objectives.

The real magic happens when you stack up all skills available and Pathfinder can learn & improve from all possible angles and merge the campaigns together.


Pathfinder is like an extra employee that takes on lots of different marketing tasks for you from start to finish (yes, this includes writing the emails, as the boss, however, you'll always have the chance to make edits). It is smart, reliable, and proactive (it gets in touch with you as soon as it spots an opportunity for improvement).

The more skills you activate, the better the results get without ever spamming your contacts. Ready? Let's set those skills up!

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Corin Camenisch

Marketing Manager at Pathfinder

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