28 April 2021 Pathfinder 101

Welcome to the new and improved version of Pathfinder!

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Welcome to the new and improved version of Pathfinder!

Time to get excited! We'll take you through all the new exciting features and also show you where to find the good old classics. 🎉

First of all, you'll definitely notice the speed! 🚀 On top of that, we cleaned up the app and made it easier for you to find things at the first glance. In the sidebar on the left, you immediately see the 5 main categories: contacts, newsletters, promotions, automations, custom campaigns, and reports. Pathfinder has never offered more campaigns for you to choose from! 🥳

Every section is explained below, feel free to jump to just the ones you want to learn more about or go through them one by one:


In the contacts section, you'll find your subscribers, customers, and prospects. Click on any of them and you'll get to their shopper profile with all the details. By clicking on the checkbox next to their info, you can now easily delete contacts, export contacts, or change their tags - also in bulk. 😎

You'll now see segmentation tags right next to them (for example "repeat customer" or "hot customer"). Those tags are a brand new feature and set automatically by Pathfinder based on customer behavior. You can easily filter by tags which gives you a great idea of who your happy customers, lost customers, etc. are. You can also set tags manually and even create your own, which brings us to the first subsection in contacts: tags. 

Here you have an overview of all the tags that Pathfinder sets based on the campaigns you run and your customers' behavior. On the top right you can create your own tags, filter the list, or search for a specific one.

The number in the green box to the right shows you how many of your contacts have that tag set.

Within the contacts section, you also find "fields" and "smartlinks". Both are advanced features that can be beneficial if you want to collect additional data about your customers and track their interactions. If you want to learn more about these click here.


This is where you can choose from different types of newsletters. Pathfinder sets them up for you in seconds. What's new here is that you see all the options right away in the overview.
And if you feel more like DIY, you can also build your own from scratch. 💪


Whenever you feel like a quick sales boost you come into this section. All types of promotions live here. What's really cool about this is, every time a seasonal event comes up that you can use for a promotion (think Black Friday, Summer Sale, etc.) you'll see it pop-up here. You'll never miss any of those opportunities again. 👀


Here's where you find what we used to call skills (except for promotions, which now have a separate section). Automations means ongoing campaigns that are triggered by certain behavior and run all year long in the background.

Once you choose an automation, you will see it at the bottom of the page together with the info if the campaign is currently active, how much revenue it has generated so far, and how many of your contacts are in it. You can also delete the campaign with just one click. 💥

Custom campaigns

If you like to be very hands-on with your campaigns, this is where you go.
While Pathfinder's strength is to create campaigns for you in just a few clicks, you always have the opportunity to build your own from scratch. Maybe your business requires an unconventional campaign or you want to experiment with an unheard of promotional format - this is where you go. Blank slate, endless opportunities. ✨


On the new reporting page, it will be easy for you to check your campaigns' success and the results Pathfinder brought you in. This page is still in BETA - if you have any suggestions on how we can make this page even better, please reach out via the live chat.

To get a real good understanding of your campaign performance, you can filter the results by:

  • Contacts
  • Newsletters
  • Promotions
  • Automations
  • Custom campaigns
  • Revenue generated, orders made, emails opened

All of that in whatever date range is most interesting to you. Which was a common request from our users that we're able to provide now.


The new version of Pathfinder is a product of customer feedback and internal ambition. It's faster, smarter, prettier, and definitely the most powerful version yet.

But if you think now that the launch is done we'll just lean back and sip some celebratory drinks -- you're absolutely right 😉 But as soon as tomorrow, we'll be back at it! Now that the new version is out, our team can shift the focus back on adding cool new features and making Pathfinder even more valuable to you. Stay tuned, and more importantly, let us know if you have any feature requests. We are all ears... 👂

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Marketing Manager at Pathfinder

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