14 February 2020 Tips & Tricks

ROI Blueprint - Your formula to 491% ROI

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The average Pathfinder customer makes 491% ROI after just one month.

Here's your formula that "reverse engineers" how they do it.

1. Start by importing your email lists 📥

Pathfinder automatically imports shoppers from your Shopify account, but if you have other mailing lists, start by importing these via CSV.

2. Turn on the "recover lost customers" skill 💌

This skill identifies when different types of customers become inactive, and designs strategies to win them back.

If your store has been running for more than 6 months, it's very likely you will already have inactive customers which can be easily reactivated and can bring in a near instant return.

These are some of the easiest sales you can ever hope to make, and this skill takes responsibility for harvesting them for you.

3. Turn on the "create promotions" skill 🎁

Turning on this skill delegates all responsibility for your seasonal promotions (Black Friday, Easter, Mother's Day, summer sales, etc) to Pathfinder.

Beginning to mid-February we had a Valentine's Day promotion and there will usually be a new opportunity each month which Pathfinder will bring to your attention.

Cool fact: Pathfinder learns from each campaign it runs, so as you run more campaigns it gets smarter and more effective over time.

4. Turn on the "upsell customers" skill 💸

Now add the upsell customers skill, and Pathfinder will start designing campaigns which bolt on complimentary products after an initial purchase, increasing your average order value.

This stacks nicely with the other two skills to compound your results.

Here's an example scenario for a small store with 1,000 contacts:

5. Turn on the "reduce abandoned checkouts" skill 🛒

For another quick win, turn on the "reduce abandoned checkouts" skill.

This is way more powerful than Shopify's built-in abandoned checkouts mechanism because it:

  • Sends multiple, automatic follow-up messages with intelligent timing
  • Only makes an offer if the shopper doesn't respond to a regular chaser, and sends custom promo codes that expire after 2 days for each individual
  • Is designed to maximize profits (not just orders) and has built-in protections against promo code exploitation

Pathfinder also sends the follow-ups automatically and will improve your campaign for you over time as it gets more data in. So that's one less thing to worry about. 😉

These first 6 steps typically take customers just 85 minutes to complete. That's less than the time it takes marketers on average to produce a single email in MailChimp or Klaviyo.

For bonus points, you can further boost results by:

7. Customizing your branding

Send examples of your current emails to branding@pathfindercommerce.com. Pathfinder will learn from these examples and build future emails in the same style.

8. Set up lead capture systems

Pathfinder can help grow your email list automatically using intelligently triggered lead capture forms.

9. Send newsletters through Pathfinder

We've made unlimited email newsletter sending free for everyone. Switch from your legacy email tool to save money (which could be better spent on Pathfinder!). By sending newsletters with Pathfinder, you'll also build up a complete picture of your contacts faster.

Paying customers can further boost results by:

  • Adding multi-channel messaging
  • Removing Pathfinder branding from emails and forms
  • Ability to edit the full workflow
  • Getting ongoing campaign improvements
  • Much more... (compare paid features here)

All of these factors stack up to grow profits exponentially. That's why our paid customers get such strong results - each skill you add is designed to work with the other skills, and every new feature you activate compounds your results.

Our entry-level paid plan is called the Automate plan, which lets you implement everything in this email and effectively gives you an "enterprise-level marketing team" from just $45 a month (full pricing info here).

When you factor in all the time you'll be saving by having Pathfinder do your marketing for you...

...and when you factor in all of the frustrating, menial tasks you'll be avoiding (no more writing marketing emails, checking links, setting up tracking, second-guessing workflows, brainstorming fresh ideas, etc)...

...for many people, that's 45 bucks well spent. 🙂

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Dan Stearn

Founder of Pathfinder

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