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8 steps to triple your email marketing revenue

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Want to get more out of your email marketing? Follow these 8 steps and take the revenue of your Shopify store to a whole new level. 💪
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1. Go over your email lists 📥

Combine the contacts you have from shoppers in your Shopify account with other mailing lists (for example if you were collecting them via a form). Make sure not to forget anyone.

If you have lots of followers on social media but not as email subscribers it's also helpful to encourage them to sign up for your newsletter. A few posts/stories can work miracles.

2. Create a "recover lost customers" campaign 💌

Identify which of your customers have become inactive, and come up with strategies to win them back.

If your store has been running for more than 6 months, it's very likely you will already have inactive customers who can be easily reactivated and can bring in a near-instant return.

These are some of the easiest sales you can ever hope to make. In your campaign make sure you get back on their radar by sharing something exciting, whether that's a new collection or a special discount code. For best results send that email out more than once with a different subject line and increase the urgency in your copy towards the expiry date of the discount code - that's when most people act, as their deal is about to slip away.

Example of a lost customer campaign, created in just seconds by Pathfinder

3. Run a promotion 🎁

There's almost always a reason to run a promotion. Whether it's a seasonal event like January sale, Easter promotion, and Black Friday or one specific to your store like new product arrivals, clearance sale, and anniversaries. 3 things should always be included in your promotional emails:

  1. Clear Offer - Communicate clearly what the deal includes. There's nothing more frustrating than filling up the shopping cart and then finding out at checkout that the discount code isn't valid for the items you wanted.
  2. Reason Why - Tell your customers why they're getting a special deal so they don't wait around for discounts and understand that this is a special occasion.
  3. Hard Deadline - To run a promotion successfully you need to create urgency. Tell them in every single email when this special offer is about to expire. Without this, people procrastinate and worst-case, forget about it altogether.

A common mistake is to only send out 1 or 2 emails about your promotion and then wish for the best. But keep in mind, people are busy and you need to repeat your message, ideally on several channels and at several times.

If someone displays high interest but still hasn't bought, it's worth throwing in a special offer (exclusively to the high-interest group) this can be done thanks to smart segmentation.

Cool fact: Pathfinder does the segmentation for you and tracks the behavior of all your customers, so you can get the most out of them without sacrificing your margin. Try it for free here.

4. Create a campaign specifically to acquire new customers 🌷

The first sale is one of the most important ones. Because if somebody bought from you once, they are much more likely to come back for more. It's worth to give people an amazing incentive to do this, even if you won't make a profit. We're playing long-term here and it will pay off down the line.

First, send every new subscriber a non-pushy welcome email, tell them who you are and what makes you special, maybe even share your founding story. Many merchants include a small offer in that series as a bait to get them to sign up - we're talking something around 10% off.

A few days after the welcome discount has expired, identify new subscribers who still haven't bought anything, and then send them another email sequence with an offer they can't resist. It's totally ok, or even recommended, to be candid here and tell them why you're giving them such a great deal. First of all, it makes you relatable, second, it makes sure they know there isn't a deal like this again in the near future.

Pathfinder can build both, a regular welcome series and a acquire new customer campaign for you. It automatically moves the right people from one campaign to the other. It only takes a few minutes to set up, give it a try.

5. Identify and convert window shoppers 👀

By window shoppers, we mean store visitors who keep coming back to the same product(s) and yet don't make a purchase. Those people need a little nudge, ideally with a hyper-personalized campaign that shows them exactly the products they were interested in. This needs to happen close to their last visit (so they still remember that item), but also with enough time in between (so if they wanted to buy at full price, they would have by now).

To set up this campaign correctly you need to be smart with your campaigns - first of all, you need to make sure your contacts aren't in several campaigns at once (don't ever swarm them with lots of different messages / offers). 
Secondly, you need to track their behavior on your store site, only if they've displayed strong interest you send the series out including that specific product. Sounds like a lot of work? Just hand it over to Pathfinder and get it all set up for you.

6. Upsell your customers 💸

Now let's talk about upselling. Many online stores sell many products that would perfectly go together - time to tell your customers. Start designing campaigns which bolt on complimentary products after an initial purchase, increasing your average order value.

This stacks nicely with the other campaigns to compound your results.

Here's an example scenario for a small store with 1,000 contacts:

7. Create a "reduce abandoned checkouts" campaign 🛒

For another quick win, create a "reduce abandoned checkouts" campaign.

But make sure it's smarter than Shopify's built-in abandoned checkouts mechanism by:

  • Sending multiple, automatic follow-up messages with intelligent timing
  • Only making an offer if the shopper doesn't respond to a regular chaser, and sending custom promo codes that expire after 2 days for each individual
  • Maximizing profits (not just orders) and build in protections against promo code exploitation

With Pathfinder, these first 7 steps typically take customers just 85 minutes to complete. That's less than the time it takes marketers on average to produce a single email in MailChimp or Klaviyo. Try it for free here.

For bonus points, you can further boost results by:

8. Creating a "customer happiness & referral" campaign 😀

Once you've created campaigns that help you sell, it's time to make sure the post-purchase experience is a good one as well. Customer feedback is extremely valuable - on one hand for you to improve, on the other hand for future customers to trust your store. To get feedback, you'll have to ask for it.

Create an automated campaign that goes out after your customer has received their items (there's no point in asking for feedback before they were able to try). Ask them to leave a review and to spread the word about your store.

Extra tip: Ask about their experience first - if it was good, ask them to leave a review. If it was bad, alert customer service to get involved. And if it was mediocre, send an apology email. This way you push positive reviews for your store, which is helpful as people with negative experiences are much more likely to write reviews (without being asked for it).

Again, if you don't want to build this all yourself, let Pathfinder do it for you.


All of these 8 steps stack up to grow profits exponentially. That's why Pathfinder customers were able to more than triple their revenue from email marketing - each campaign you add is designed to work with the other campaigns, and every new feature you activate compounds your results.

Our entry-level paid plan is called the Automate plan, which lets you implement everything in this blog post and effectively gives you an "enterprise-level marketing team" from just $45 a month (full pricing info here).

When you factor in all the time you'll be saving by having Pathfinder do your marketing for you...

...and when you factor in all of the frustrating, menial tasks you'll be avoiding (no more writing marketing emails, checking links, setting up tracking, second-guessing workflows, brainstorming fresh ideas, etc)...

...for many people, that's 45 bucks well spent. 🙂

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Corin Camenisch

Marketing Manager at Pathfinder

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