24 February 2021 Case Studies

How Art Your Cat tripled the sales of their print-on-demand Shopify store

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Art Your Cat puts your pet on all kinds of products, from mugs to pillows to shower curtains. They are also one of over 5,000 Shopify stores that grow their business with Pathfinder.

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Let's jump into their story:

Oren, the founder of Art Your Cat has built a playground for cat lovers. In his store, they get the opportunity to put their little fur friend's face on all possible items.

With lots of different product options, Oren's store makes a great case for automated email marketing, he just never found the time to set it all up himself.

Fortunately, he installed Pathfinder from the Shopify app store so he can get it all done in just a few clicks.

How is that possible? Because Pathfinder does most of the work. Here are the steps Oren had to take:

  1. Connect the Shopify store so Pathfinder gets access to the data it needs to create sophisticated campaigns
  2. Upload brand assets (logo, colors, fonts, etc.) so the emails are created in Art Your Cat's unique style
  3. Go through a chat with Pathfinder to give it some instructions on how the campaigns should be run

Done! 💥

Campaigns are built, emails are written, discount codes are created, and tracking is set up. What would be hours of work, is done in just a few clicks.

Example of an email built and written by Pathfinder, in just a few clicks

Oren used Pathfinder for several campaigns. For example:

Upsell: You put your cat on a mug? Why not also put it on your phone case? 😍
New product launch: There's a new item or variation available! 🎉
Bestseller preview: Here's what's trending at the moment in the cat lover community. ❤
Lost customer win-back: We miss you, here's a discount and some ideas on how to use it. 🙌

With so much going on, it's important that the right people are put in the right campaigns. There's no point trying to upsell someone if they've never made a purchase or win-back an already loyal customer. Plus the emails have to showcase the right products for each customer - personalization is key!

Luckily, Pathfinder makes sure of all of that.

And the results speak for themselves: 192% sales uplift since Oren installed Pathfinder a few months ago. That means his sales pretty much tripled!

Results like these aren't an exception, most stores using Pathfinder see at least a 30% sales increase. And all of that in just a few clicks!

Besides that it allows merchants to finally go back to do the things they love.

Marketing tasks eat up a lot of time, can be overwhelming, and most small business owners do not enjoy them at all. Hiring Pathfinder means getting more time to build your brand, further develop your products, and do what you’re really passionate about.

Let’s summarize what makes Pathfinder so valuable:

  • You save time - it builds advanced campaigns in just a few clicks.
  • You save money - no expertise is necessary, it’s way cheaper than hiring human experts and it means you can thrive on smaller teams.
  • You have less stress - Pathfinder identifies opportunities, sends you weekly reports and optimizes all campaigns for you.
  • You have happier customers - It sends the right message to the right people at the right time (no spam!).
  • You make more profit - Stores typically at least 30% revenue uplift and 92% of Pathfinder customers see positive ROI in just 1 month. If you have a store that’s already bringing in sales, it basically pays for itself.

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Corin Camenisch

Marketing Manager at Pathfinder

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Launch your first campaign in just a few clicks, and watch your profits grow - with Pathfinder, the smarter way to market your Shopify store.

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