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How to get the most out of your welcome series

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A welcome series is important, it's your first impression on email.
Neil Patel, one of the top marketing influencers, even says it's the number one must-have series for every eCommerce store. With usually very high open rates, it's an opportunity that shouldn't go to waste.

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Ok, let's jump in. Here's how to get the most out of your welcome series:

Be Quick

Once somebody signs up for your emails, the welcome email should be in their inbox within the next few minutes. Especially if you're offering a discount for signing up, it's important to get that to them while they're still on your website.

Build Trust

This is your time to shine. They are already interested in your brand, now get them even more excited. Whether you have a cool founding story, unique production methods, or a strong mission - now is a great time to tell them about it. And don't shy away from being personal. Another good way to build trust is to tell them what they can expect from this newsletter (and why they should always open it).

Add A Call To Action

Weirdly, lots of merchants seem to forget that a welcome series is also a conversion tool. Don't be afraid to ask your new subscribers to check out your latest product additions, your best-sellers or your personal favorites. That doesn't have to be pushy at all, they're here to learn more about your brand so it's ok to show them what's waiting for them.

If you were offering them a welcome discount don't forget to tell them the code and how long the offer is valid for.

Extra tip: Instead of asking them to shop, you can also ask them to follow you on social media. Even better, do both! Ideally, you keep just one call to action per email, so it's best to send out a second one a day or two later to invite them to join your social channels.

Improve Your Future Open Rates

By asking them to add your email address to their contact list you can avoid the promotions tab and increase deliverability for all emails to come. And since this is only the beginning of your relationship hopefully there will be many of them. :)

Example of a welcome email, created in just seconds by Pathfinder

Remind them of their welcome discount

If you offer a welcome discount, don't forget to remind them if they haven't used it yet (or if it's close to expiring). It's easy to get distracted by other things, so a reminder with some urgency works wonders in terms of conversion.

Keep building your list

Once set up properly with the help of automation software, your welcome series goes out to the right people at the right time. But don't forget that you have to make sure that new people are subscribing. Most eCommerce merchants do this with a pop-up on their site and many offer a welcome discount in exchange for the email address.

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Marketing Manager at Pathfinder

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