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Pathfinder Enterprise

Pathfinder is enterprise level technology to suit businesses of every size. Our Enterprise edition includes all of the Pro features and our professional services department will work with your team to provide the customised solution you require. Unlike most enterprise software, we can provide a quick and reduced risk basic integration. This allows rapid prototyping and the ability to get key stakeholders engaged quickly.

The advantage of our enterprise platform over our pro offering can be summarised as following:

  • Custom integration - Our professional services team will work with you to develop and implement custom integration between Pathfinder and any of your business critical systems.
  • Custom Skills - The option to specify and develop skills to your specific business requirements gives an advantage other versions cannot offer.
  • Security - Enterprise level security combined with any specific requirements you may need.
  • Scalability - The enterprise edition works with a larger number of contacts than other tiers.

What sort of organisation are you?


Get to know your users

Pathfinder helps you learn more about your customers, adjust your campaigns and reach your goals faster.

See what shoppers are doing

Pathfinder tracks every interaction someone has with your company and connects the data to the real person who actually did it.

Monitor product interest

Pathfinder shows you the products people are looking at, what they’ve purchased before, and what they might be interested in buying next.

Compile detailed profiles

Pathfinder turns all this data into an advanced profile on each shopper, with insights across more than 60 categories updated in real-time.

Personalise marketing to individuals

Use these insights to personalise marketing to each individual, so every shopper gets the right marketing based on who they are and what they’re doing.

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Professional services organisation

As an organisation who relies on their customer base to generate new projects and provides expert advice, consultancy and thought leadership, knowing what your customers are viewing on your site, as well as identifying and converting new leads are fundamental. From newsletter signup and distribution, to capturing leads, and customising the web site to always show the most relevant topics to returning visitors, Pathfinder has many skills that will elevate your customer experience.

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Whether in print, in digital or in person, Pathfinder has skills to connect you with your customers. We can categorise your visitors based on web and newsletter engagement, and allow you to traffic specific ad creatives from a very wide to a very narrow segment of your audience increasing value as you do so. Pathfinder can help with the event marketing, and any approval process and our conditional content newsletters allows for every newsletter subscriber to receive customised relevant content with little effort from your editorial teams.

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Our enterprise platform combined with your client base allows us to present a customised platform that delivers specific solutions to specific problems. By introducing us to the client, we will work with you to present a unified proposal. Whether you have an e-commerce introduction or a digital marketing customer, Pathfinder will help you introduce new areas of value.

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Marketers for any e-commerce

Imagine being able to track known and anonymous visitors to your website, provide customised content and CTA’s based on their behaviour and provide simple newsletter signups that provide mass customisation options with almost no ongoing effort for your team. Pathfinder has these skills and more to introduce and educate your visitors about your marketing messages.

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We can support multi tenanted instances where you provide a managed service to your customer, or your customer can be self service. White labelling is possible. We can work with you to deliver custom skills and implementations that will allow us to rapidly deliver value for your customers.

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Pathfinder was designed from the ground up to be your e-commerce virtual assistant. You can assign it any number of jobs, and Pathfinder will use its skills to take ongoing responsibility for performing these, reporting back progress periodically and provide suggestions for improvements. These jobs dont have to be as basic as abandoned cart recovery. They can be as general as creating one to one promotions based on shopper behaviour, personalising on-site CTAs to each shopper or reporting on attributed revenue from all traffic sources. Custom skills lets us develop intelligent jobs to be done, specifically to your requirements.

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If you run a paid or controlled criteria membership group, Pathfinder will allow you to manage membership preferences, send customised newsletters with ease and can display different content on the website based on their membership criteria. Sophisticated renewal sequences can be handled automatically with ease, with split testing to see conversion preferences and customised message both in the newsletters and on site possibilities.

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If your organisation type is not listed here, please get in contact to discuss your needs.

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Abandoned Basket

Contact your customers and encourage them to complete their order

Upsell Campaigns

Personalised suggestions on matching products

Customer Recovery

Identify people who haven’t purchased in the expected cycle and offer them targeted promotions.

Custom Skills

Enterprise customers can commission their own skills. We can make a skill so that geographically remote departments can all produce consistent material.

Targetted onsite advertising

If you display digital advertising, you can segment narrow and deep, providing value with every impression.

Event marketing

From targeting potential attendees, registration workflow with automatic confirmation rules and follow up marketing material, our system will streamline your delegate recruitment process.

Zapier integration

Integration allows 2 way triggers and interfaces with thousands of other web platforms.

Newsletter personalisation

Encourage signups, easily produce segmented newsletter lists, and deliver specific areas of interest automatically to your audience.

Web tracking

See who is visiting which parts of your web properties. Capture implicit and explicit preferences and deliver content based on this.

Lead Generation

Dynamically customise your web pages to promote specific areas of interest for different visitors.

Know your audience

Be able to analyse specific details about your visitors. Not just numbers but individual and detailed visitor journeys.

Machine learning

The system gets smarter over time. It will suggest when existing campaigns can be improved upon.

Split testing

All functions support A/B testing to allow for comparison testing.

Campaign builder

Drag and drop, easy to understand tool for constructing your campaigns. No developers needed.