Everything you need to grow Shopify sales on autopilot

Handover your marketing jobs

Pathfinder can handle a range of marketing jobs from start to finish. We call them skills.

Automate your busywork

When you turn on a skill, Pathfinder handles all the menial tasks for you. Make changes if you want to, otherwise sit back, relax, and let Pathfinder take the lead.

Builds customer
journeys for you

Writes emails
for you

Writes web
messages for you

Sets up promo
codes for you

Run split
tests for you

Builds opt-in
forms for you

reports for you

Builds customer
journeys for you

Throw away everything else

Turn off MailChimp, Privvy and KISSMetrics. Pathfinder comes with every growth tool you need built-in.


  • Campaign Builder
  • Email
  • Forms & pop-ups
  • Web notifications
  • Dynamic code
  • Internal emails
  • Zapier power-up
  • Webhook support
  • Split testing
  • Advanced segmentation


  • Shopper tracking
  • Goal tracking
  • Revenue tracking
  • Email analytics
  • Notification analytics
  • Weekly reporting
  • Campaign suggestions


  • 58 shopper insights
  • Tags
  • Custom fields
  • Product interests
  • Cart contents
  • Order history
  • Custom product interactions
  • Shopify tag sync
  • Magento attribute sync
  • Javascript tools


  • Product recommendations
  • Recent purchases
  • Abandoned orders
  • RSS feeds
  • Conditional content
  • Custom HTML editor


  • Email newsletters
  • Expiring promo code creation
  • CSV import / export
  • Automatic UTM parameters
  • Smart links
  • Smart parameters
  • User management / permissions
  • Granular consent mode (for GDPR)
  • Customizable preference centre


  • Advanced store profiling
  • Interactive meetings
  • Automatic campaign creation
  • Automatic campaign suggestions
  • Automatic campaign split testing
  • Automatic weekly reporting

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