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Our COVID-19 response: Get Pathfinder for free!

We’ve already helped 1,000+ merchants grow their businesses without large marketing teams. Now, we want to support you even more by offering full access to Pathfinder, free of charge for the next 60 days.

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Amidst a global recession, merchants need to smarten up. Our Shopify App turns your store into a well-oiled marketing machine in just a few minutes of your time - no expert knowledge needed.


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Pathfinder is a marketing expert. You have a quick conversation via chat and then Pathfinder builds email sequences, writes the emails, and runs split tests for you. Get all of that done in just minutes of your time. It’s like adding an extra employee to your team.

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85% of our merchants get positive results after just one month. They typically see revenue increase of 15-30%. Quick, powerful impact with just 30-60 minutes of your time will help you navigate this crisis.


4. Get to know the winning strategies

By banding together we can learn faster. Pathfinder is able to test and analyze what strategies work best in this new economy thanks to all the merchants in the ecosystem. We will be sharing the winning strategies in weekly updates and adjust the product accordingly.

5. The more people join us, the faster we can learn!

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Join 1,000+ merchants growing with Pathfinder

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