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Skills Automate Pro
Maximum skills Unlimited Unlimited
Advanced store profiling ✔ ✔
Interactive meetings ✔ ✔
Automatic campaign creation ✔ ✔
Automatic campaign suggestions ✔ ✔
Automatic campaign split testing ✔ ✔
Automatic weekly reporting ✔ ✔
Journeys/ Messaging Automate Pro
Email newsletters ✔ ✔
Advanced segmentation ✔ ✔
Automated campaigns ✔ ✔
Split testing ✔ ✔
Channels Automate Pro
Email ✔ ✔
Forms and pop-ups ✔ ✔
Web notifications ✔ ✔
Dynamic code ❌ ✔
Internal emails ❌ ✔
Analytics Automate Pro
Weekly reporting ✔ ✔
Goal tracking ✔ ✔
Revenue tracking ✔ ✔
Shopper tracking ✔ ✔
Email analytics ✔ ✔
Notification analytics ✔ ✔
Campaign suggestions ✔ ✔
Shopper profiles Automate Pro
Shopper insights 46 insights 62 insights
Product interests ✔ ✔
Cart contents ✔ ✔
Order history ✔ ✔
Custom tags ✔ ✔
Custom fields ✔ ✔
Custom product interactions ❌ ✔
Shopify tag sync ❌ ✔
Magento attribute sync ❌ ✔
Email content Automate Pro
Product recommendations ✔ ✔
Recent purchases ✔ ✔
Abandoned orders ✔ ✔
RSS feeds ✔ ✔
Conditional content ❌ ✔
Custom HTML editor ❌ ✔
Other Automate Pro
Expiring promo code creation ✔ ✔
CSV import / export ✔ ✔
Remove Pathfinder branding ✔ ✔
Automatic UTM parameters ✔ ✔
Smart links ❌ ✔
Smart parameters ❌ ✔
User management / permissions ❌ ✔
Granular consent mode (for GDPR) ❌ ✔
Customizable preference centre ❌ ✔


What does it mean to put your marketing on autopilot? How can it help my store?

Marketing automation means providing your customers and potential customers with content based on their behavior and interactions with your store. It will strengthen your relationships with them as you’re providing personalized and relevant information, which leads to higher conversion rates, higher value per customer, and more sales in general.

Can I use Pathfinder for all of my mass emails?

Yes absolutely! You can use Pathfinder for your regular email newsletters as well as all the automated ones.

Will I lose control over my marketing if I sign up with Pathfinder?

Never. Even though Pathfinder is very smart and able to work autonomously, it will always check in with you through interactive meetings and let you make the decisions. You can decide for yourself how hands-on or hands-off you want to be and even make changes to the proposed campaigns and email flows. Another good thing is, Pathfinder will learn based on your feedback and integrate it into its future work.

Does Pathfinder allow me to customize in my own brand style?

Yes, we understand that your brand is one of the most important assets of your business. With Pathfinder you can easily create everything in the style of your store. Simply integrate your logo, your colors, your fonts, your images, etc.

Do I need contacts to use Pathfinder?

Yes, Pathfinder uses your email list to increase your sales. It won't find new emails or capture email addresses for you. We recommend a list of at least 70 contacts to get good results from Pathfinder.

I’m using different software at the moment, how hard is it to switch?

It's very easy and we can even do it for you! But no need to think that far ahead yet. Why not start a free trial first and see what you think. You can always hit us up later if you need help switching over.

Which platforms does Pathfinder work with?

Pathfinder currently supports stores running on Shopify. More platforms will be added soon, so if your store isn't currently supported but you want to stay updated, create an account anyway and choose your platform from the waitlist.

Do I need to enter my card details to create an account?

Nope. There are no catches and no strings attached. Signing up takes 30 seconds and all we need is an email address.

My store is new, is Pathfinder for me?

Welcome to ecommerce! If you have just started a new online store, Pathfinder may not be the best fit for you. Pathfinder needs a contact list to send emails to, so if you don’t have anyone subscribed to receive your marketing materials, then Pathfinder will not be able to do its job. If you have 200 contacts or more Pathfinder will get you value.

Which plan is the best for my business?

The Automate plan will get you great results and includes unlimited skills. Experienced marketers who want more features and input should go for Pro.

Can I change my plan?

You can upgrade or downgrade at any point. Downgrades take effect from beginning of the next billing cycle. Upgrades are immediate.

How do I cancel?

Simply delete the app from your e-commerce platform.

How do the annual plans work?

Our annual plans are designed to save you money. You will get 2 months for free if you choose to pay annually compared to the monthly option.

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